Palate Kitchen is Vancouver’s newest brunch place to visit in 2020

Palate Kitchen is Pallet Coffee’s coffee bar meets restaurant creation. They serve innovate brunch dishes inside the vintage Jameson Building on 848 W Hastings St. It is a must visit in 2020! French Toast Don’t let the look fool you. This french toast is coated in a beautiful crystallized caramel coating and the cinnamon toast…

Belgium Liege Waffles with a Twist by Wonderffle

Wonderffle is a new Belgium Liege waffle dessert shop based in Coquitlam. They offer creatively topped liege waffles that are visually stunning and delicious! From my previous post about liege waffles, they are characterized by its small, round shape with iconic pearl sugar tucked into its yeasty layers and a caramelized sugary exterior. Current Menu…

Make Singaporean Kaya Toast and Kopi for your Next Staycation Breakfast

My trip to Singapore has been cancelled due to COVID-19. On the positive note, I gave myself a staycation by making a popular Singaporean Breakfast of kaya toast, soft boiled eggs and kopi found at kopitiams. Kaya Toast Kaya Toast is a simple but charismatic dish. At kopitiams, the bread is grilled and not toasted….

Gram Cafe Richmond | Japanese Souffle Pancakes at Aberdeen Centre

Gram Cafe has brought their fluffy, premium souffle pancakes to Vancouver! They are in preparations to open but the date is not known yet. I had the opportunity to preview the menu and give you all the inside scoop of the best dishes! Premium Pancakes Gram is famous for their iconic, stacked 3 souffle pancakes….