About Me

Hello, my name is Brenda!

Why the name PistachioPicks?

Pistachio, in Chinese (開心果; Kāixīn guǒ), directly translates as “happy fruit” and it metaphorically describes someone as a happy and bubbly person. With no surprise, I am a “happy fruit” when I am seen with or eating food. 

Why did you create PistachioPicks?

Pistachiopicks, the food instagram, was created in May 2016 with the purpose of showcasing international food and cuisines that I wanted to share and bring happiness to others.

The initiative to start a food account began from my 2015 trip to Hong Kong. I was in disbelief at the contrast of how rapid Hong Kongers embraced food trends compared to Vancouver. Seeing locals taking inspiration from well-known Japanese food creations and the expansion of Japanese food franchises in the Hong Kong market, I was curious to know why the Vancouver food scene lacked that same dynamic innovation.

To satisfy my hunger for more knowledge, I used Pistachiopicks as my platform to document the exciting foods I was trying overseas as well as the local delicacies that were surfacing in Vancouver. Please beware, my captions are often very lengthy but one thing is for sure, I want people to be informed about the process of the dish and not just the end result – a pretty photo.

Eat Happy, Stay Happy!