About Me

Hello, my name is Brenda!

Why the name Pistachiopicks?

Pistachio, in Chinese (開心果; Kāixīn guǒ), directly translates as “happy fruit” and it metaphorically describes someone as a happy and bubbly person. With no surprise, I’m a “happy fruit” when I am seen with or eating food.  Pistachio+picks represents food “picks” that I’ve chosen and hope to share the happiness I’ve experience with others.

Why did you create Pistachiopicks?

I started Pistachiopicks, in May 2016, with the purpose of bridging my cultural identity of being Canadian and from Hong Kong.

I realized that in Asia, food products and trends were constantly evolving and I wanted to bring these perspectives back to Vancouver. Through Pistachiopicks, you can find edu-content that showcases different cuisines, restaurants, and food-related stories.

Eat happily, stay happy!