The Story Cafe is Richmond’s must go for brunch and dinner

The Story Cafe is making a name for itself in Richmond’s brunch and dinner scene. From its famous fried chicken bennies to the $30 New York Surf and Turf, the food is hotel quality because it is prepared by chefs from Fairmount, Westin, Hyatt and more.

Brunch items to order

Fried Chicken Bennies

The crispy batter on the chicken was oil-free and the chicken itself was moist and tender. The poached eggs were runny and the hollandaise sauce was creamy. The dish came with smash potatoes which had a light crisp to it and not overly oily in overall mouth feel.

I highly recommend you order this! The portion of the fried chicken was pretty big.

Pulled Pork French Toast

The brioche french toast was super fluffy and had a lovely crispy edge from the egg wash. The pulled pork was tender and the bbq sauce was not too salty. It came with one poached egg which helped balance out the sweet, salty, and salty components of the dish.

I would order this again.

“The Beatles” English Breakfast

For those who prefer English Breakfasts, The Story Cafe does a great job of preparing its Canadian interpretation of the classic dish. It has crispy maple bacon and the button mushrooms were sauteed well roundedly to have golden edges. It may not look like much but it takes technique to achieve a nice golden brown sear on all sides of mushrooms.

Coffee: Cappucino and Latte

For a similar price for a cup of Starbucks, you get beautiful latte art here. The espresso was very harmonious and not bitter at all. It was a great sip for a Sunday morning

Dinner items to order

Signature Risotto

The chefs at The Story Cafe cooked the risotto perfectly. The arborio rice grain could be easily separated and it had a very aromatic pesto sauce covered on top. The jumbo scallops with an ever so slightly transparent centre were cooked to a delicate and tender level.

I highly recommend this dish!

Mushroom Burger

The Mushroom Burger has a beautifully caramelized onion topping with goldenly sauteed mushrooms. The beef patty was juicy. Each burger comes with fries and you can swap it for yam fries for an additional $2. The yam fries were soggy but the taste of yam is hard not to love.

Overall Thoughts

The Story Cafe in Richmond is a rare gem not only because it serves reasonably priced good food, but it also offers high-quality service in the morning that helps to make your experience memorable and cheery. I can safely say that quality speaks for itself here, especially when hotel chefs are in charge of the food. I will definitely be back to try more items on the menu!

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