Café Kitsuné is Vancouver’s newest French-Japanese brunch spot


Paris’s iconic Café Kitsuné and Maison Kitsune have opened side by side, offering French-Japanese inspired clothes, brunch and coffee in the heart of Gastown.

You can choose from pastries, salad, sandwiches and hot dishes which is prepared in a tiny little kitchen. You might be surprised at how well priced the food is and the quality lives up to their brand name.

Here’s what to order:

1. Smoked Salmon Croque madame

Smokey and cheesy, this Croque Madame will leave you with a slight food coma but it’s worth it! The fried egg was cooked to perfection while the bold smoked salmon flavour uplifted the bread and gruyere. The carrot-ginger vinaigrette helped cut the richness of this dish, so make sure to eat the salad interchangeably with the Croque Madame.

2. Soft Scrambled Eggs

The scrambled eggs had a strong goat cheese flavour which I loved and each bite had nicely sauteed mushrooms. The baguette was the STAR of the dish as it was toasted beautifully with a nice chewy and crunchy texture.

3. Black Sesame Cruffin

You have to order their cruffin – it’s flakey, light and sugary. The perfect bite to complement your coffee or matcha latte. The black sesame flavour is rather subtle but it’s the texture that makes it a winner.

4. Latte & Matcha Latte

Don’t let these beautiful latte drinks sit for too long because it’s always better to drink them hot. The matcha powder was well distributed throughout the milk. They use matcha from Whisk Premium Matcha – so it’s high quality. (The drinks “deflated” a bit since I took a bit too long with photos – but the taste is still great)


It’s a great addition in Gastown especially when you don’t need to pay for a plane ticket to enjoy this famous cafe from Paris. Space is tight with realistically 5 tables including the high chair/bar table. So, go early to snag a spot for brunch or space to chat with friends. If you’re eyeing their glassware (me 🙋‍♀️), you can purchase them along with other tokens like magnets, notebooks, lunch boxes and other packaged food items.

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