10 Vancouver Instagram Foodies You MUST Follow In 2019

Brenda (Pistachiopicks) is a curious and cheerful student, Yelp Elite, and baker.

In very Yelp-like fashion, you’ll find her posts more informative and detailed than others. You can also expect Brenda to post about her honest experience to all the places she wanders to in Vancouver and abroad. And as a big food lover, she’ll try to get the story behind a dish whenever she can.

Need a bit more depth and information about whether to try a place? Brenda is your girl in 2019.

– Jason Yeh, Chief Officer of Noms Magazine (December 13th 2019)

9 Canadian Food Influencers We Are Loving This Fall

If you love getting a deeper story behind the food you’re eating, Brenda of Pistachio Picks delivers.  Her information rich content is informative and more detailed than most Insta-food posts.  Her content showcases a passion for a wide variety of food styles – everything from noodles and bubble tea to mac and cheese and burgers.  Brenda’s love of photography also means everything looks as delish as it sounds.

– Cora Brady from BYU Agency (October 10, 2019)

Pistachiopicks, food blogger and instagram influence, testimonial
10 Vancouver-based foodies to follow in 2020

Brenda launched the journey of her food instagram in May 2016, with the purpose of highlighting her favourite international food and cuisines, to share and bring happiness to others. Her content goes into great detail about her dining experiences and the food she eats, so you know exactly what to expect when you make your visit! 

– Jina Marwood from ID Agency (September 25, 2020)

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