Palate Kitchen is Vancouver’s newest brunch place to visit in 2020

Palate Kitchen is Pallet Coffee’s coffee bar meets restaurant creation. They serve innovate brunch dishes inside the vintage Jameson Building on 848 W Hastings St. It is a must visit in 2020!

French Toast

Don’t let the look fool you. This french toast is coated in a beautiful crystallized caramel coating and the cinnamon toast bread was fluffy and light. The caramel sauce was not overly sweet either. I highly recommend you try this!

Cinnamon French toasts topped with a mascarpone praliné with seasonal berries, ginger crumb, meringue, caramel sauce and poppy seeds.

Steak & Eggs

For protein lovers, this dish is for you. Medium cooked tenderloin, 2 poached eggs and a scoop of beans. It is an elevated version of an English breakfast.

5oz marinated and slow-cooked medium tenderloin with two fried eggs, roasted potatoes and baked beans

If you prefer medium rare, you might find the steak a bit dry but it is still delicious!

Mascarpone Hot Cake

Bite size and delicious, their mini hot cakes comes in threes or as an individual. the hot cakes were fluffy, airy and soaked up all the syrup. It was a flavourful bite on its own.

You can choose toppings: 0% dark chocolate, White chocolate & berries, Mixed berry mascarpone, Amlou (almond butter & Moroccan argan oil)

Overall Thoughts

I am genuinely glad there is another brunch place that offers a very spacious seating area and modern take on brunch. If you need a new brunch selection, Palate Kitchen is for you!

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