Belgium Liege Waffles with a Twist by Wonderffle

Wonderffle is a new Belgium Liege waffle dessert shop based in Coquitlam. They offer creatively topped liege waffles that are visually stunning and delicious!

From my previous post about liege waffles, they are characterized by its small, round shape with iconic pearl sugar tucked into its yeasty layers and a caramelized sugary exterior.

Current Menu

1. Regular
2. Hazelnut
3. Cinnamon
4. Strawberry
5. Sprinkle
6. Matcha
7. Peach +mango syrup
8 Smores
9 Oreo
10. Banana Nutella

Overall Thoughts

I enjoyed the creativity of the waffles. However, I couldn’t seem to find much pearl sugar in the waffle. This crucial component creates the iconic caramelization that coats the waffle during the cooking process. This could be a style preference because the waffles are coated with sweet components and with the caramelized sugar, it would be too taste. Overall, the texture and different toppings were great. Below is a review of toppings that stood out to me.

Regular Liege Waffle

The classic powder sugar topped liege waffle is called a classic for a reason. You can taste the yeasty layers that makes it dense and flavourful.

Matcha Liege Waffle

As I huge matcha fan, I wanted more matcha flavour in the glaze! It could be the quality or quantity of matcha used because I couldn’t taste much of it. If you chewed carefully, the matcha’s bitterness does peak out but very subtly.

Cinnamon Liege Waffle

If you are a fan of churros, you would love this! The cinnamon sugar coats the waffle completely and gives it a slight crunch. Surprisingly, it wasn’t overly sweet.

Strawberry Liege Waffle

May is strawberry season and the tangy strawberries worked will with the sweet waffle. I highly recommend you eat this immediately or else the strawberries will oxidize. This is the same for the Banana Nutella flavour

Peach + Mango Syrup Liege Waffle

The first bite reminded me of a mango sago pudding dessert. It was a fun summery waffle! Sweetness level was around a 7-8 out of 10 but great as a snack

Hazelnut Liege Waffle

This reminded me of Ferrero Rocher! I enjoyed how the hazelnuts were well coated around the waffle. It will go great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


They currently take orders through their Instagram, by phone (+17788994719) or email (

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