Bobasaur is Vancouver’s DIY bubble tea kit for a good cause

Bobasaur is a DIY bubble tea kit with a mission to donate all proceeds to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. These kits along will be available from now till February 2nd and is the perfect gift for bubble tea lovers.

What’s included in the boba kits?

With Bobasaur’s DIY boba kits, you can all be boba-ristas at home without breaking the bank.

  • Five (5) roasted tea bags
  • 100g of cane sugar
  • 250g of cream powder
  • One (1) mason jar
  • Five (5) compostable straws
  • Five (5) frozen brown sugar tapioca pearls

Overall Thoughts

The bubble tea kits are super easy to use, and I loved how chewy the pearls were and it had a rich brown sugar flavor. The flavour of the roasted tea was very strong especially after steeping it for around 6 minutes. I only put a half scoop of sugar so I can really taste the tea.

This kit is not only for a good cause but it also makes bubble tea a tasty, mess free activity for all ages.

Support more!

Bobasaur is part of Wilson’s Secret Sauce campaign aimed to feed 10,000 people. Secret Sauce is a YouTube series uncovering the “secret sauce” of Vancouver restaurants, with restaurant owners telling you their “secret sauce.” All revenue generated from views of this YouTube series will go to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. Here is their newest episodes!

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