Tokyo Katsu-sand serves Japanese Katsu Sandwiches in Downtown Vancouver

Tokyo Katsu-sand brings the sought-after sandwiches we know and love from Japan to the heart of Vancouver Downtown. They feature four sandwiches: Gyu-Katsu, Tonkatsu, Ebi Katsu and Chicken Katsu.


Gyu Katsu is their best seller and it is a deep fried AAA strip loin beef sandwich. The meat was very tender and the panko breading gives another texture. The wasabi mayo helps cut the fattiness of the beef.

Ebi Katsu

The Ebi Katsu was one of my favourites because it had egg salad, sweet shrimp and crunchy cabbage. This combination is not seen often and was truly flavourful. You don’t feel heavy or greasy after eating this because the cabbage and egg salad counter the panko crusted shrimp. I highly recommend ordering this sandwich.


The Tonkatsu was a thick, deep fried piece of pork. It was not as tender as the beef but nevertheless, it wasn’t dry. The Tonkatsu sauce gave the sandwich some sweetness while the mustard mayo gave a tanginess to the overall bite.

Chicken Katsu

The Chicken Katsu is a deep fried chicken cutlet with shredded cabbage. The chicken itself was tender and the mustard mayo played the same role of balancing the fried goodness.

Overall Thoughts

I recommend trying both the Gyu-Katsu and Ebi Katsu Sando. It is impressive that this level of quality can come from a food truck. They are located right in front of the Vancouver City Centre Canada Line Station.

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