KOZU Sushi Pizza: Newest Japanese Fusion Food in Vancouver

KOZU Sushi Pizza is a family owned business, serving reimagined deep fried sushi rice “crust” pizza topped with our favourite sushi fixings.


Aburified KOZU Sushi Pizza

First bite: the texture reminded me of fish and chips because the panko crust was crispy and thin. The rice was not mushy and held firmly together.

You will get heat with a nice heat sensation from the Jalapeño peppers and a zesty lemon tang in the mayo. This was my favourite!


Takoyumi KOZU Sushi Pizza

It embodies the flavours of Japan’s signature street food: takoyaki

You get bites of octopus and ‘dancing’ bonito flakes that add the unami flavour. The must have Japanese mayo and takoyaki sauce ties all the savoury elements together for a smooth ending bite.

Opening Details

KOZU Sushi Pizza is grand opening on November 14th! They don’t have a storefront and produce their sushi pizzas in a cloud kitchen. You can order on their website for pick up or through a delivery app. Pick up is at COHO Commissionary’s new prep kitchen.

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