ShuckShuck is the newest and fun Oyster Bar in Chinatown, Vancouver 2020

ShuckShuck is giving your oysters a new look with toppings such as ketchup chips, lemon meringue and peanut butter. They sustainably source and offer one type of oyster, Miyagi from Vancouver Island.

Price $4.25 per oyster.
Taste: The Miyagi oyster was plumy and creamy with a sharp briny after taste.

Feed Your Seoul: My Favourite Oyster

Feed Your Seoul: Sends me to Seoul, Korea
The toppings, Gochujang, Kimchi and Asian Pear, works very well with the briny and creamy oyster. You get a spicy acidity from the kimchi and sweet heat from gochujang while the Asian Pear provides a textural crunch. None of these toppings weighed down the oyster and still lets it shine through.

Se-vee-che: Refreshing summer bite
This was my second favourite because the lemon, lime sauce helped cut the briny oyster flavour while the tender shrimp, bell peppers and onions did not obstruct the bite.

Big Mackenzie: Your Oyster Big Mac
Paying homage to Mcdonald’s Big Mac, ShuckShuck has thousand island dressing, pickle slices and white onion on an oyster. You get a subtle sourness from the pickles with the dressing adding a complementary creaminess to the oyster

Canadiana: With the Canadian in mind
This oyster has ketchup chips, smokey bacon bits, extreme beans and maple syrup. The bacon flavour over powered the sweet maple syrup and beans. However, the ketchup chips acted as a salt agent and textural element.

Peeking Duck: A hoisin play on words
A lighthearted representation of Chinese cuisine, the duck meat on the oyster was tender while the hoisin provided enough sweet and salt flavour. This oyster didn’t eat as smoothly because there was more chewing involved compared to a traditional oyster that eats in a smooth, clean bite.

Cali Love: A burst of fruity sensation
The Cali Love had pomegranate, pomegranate reduction, avocado and pistachio dust. The pomegranate was the star of this oyster shooter because the seeds burst in your mouth and cut the salty ocean taste.

Lemon Meringue: Citrus-y and playful
Lemon zest and curd with oysters isn’t too off from the purpose of horseradish. However, the meringue which is only whipped egg whites without sugar is doing a slight disservice to the overall flavour. There definitely needs to be more lemon flavour, sourness and even a small, torched, glossy meringue. Then you will get a sweet, sour, salty bite.

PB&J: A childhood memory
This oyster is a sweet and spicy play on flavours but it did fell short for me. I didn’t taste the satay peanut sauce nor the promised chilis. The chopped peanuts added a nice crunch.

Overall Thoughts

If you are in the area and need a COVID-19 safe place for happy hour, ShuckShuck foots the bill. They offer hipped canned alcohol (Boujee Wine from California) while the tables are curvy, stool-less for a safer and less pretention vibe.

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