Kun’s Omakase Bar is Steveston’s Best Kept Secret for Japanese food

Kun’s Omakase Bar‘s name says it all – they offer Japanese food that is focused on highlighting the quality of different fish and seafood. Their Chef Special Omakase is not available right now due to Covid-19 but their menu has a variety of delectable bites.

New Winter Menu Items

Sun Seeker Oysters with Caviar & Bafun uni

The Sun Seeker oysters are paired with a bold, umami and creamy uni and delicate cavier. A generous douse of citrus was added and a hint of heat.

Otoro Temari topped with Bafun Uni

Otoro is the fattiest part of the tuna that comes from the belly. Its fat content paired with rice and uni makes it a decadent melt. The use of shiso leaf is brilliant because it adds a refreshing combination of mint, basil and cilantro taste.

Assorted Chirashi Don

The chirashi don is the best price you can find in all of Lower Mainland. Kun’s does not skimp on the quality here because they offer various parts of tuna which you won’t see elsewhere. The selection of fish will change as it depends on the catch of the day.

Saba oshi

mackeral oshi sushi is often very oily and overwhelming but Kun’s makes it perfectly. You can taste the texture of the fish and the oiliness doesn’t overpower the overall bite.

Uni-Sobe: A beautiful and interactive dish

The Uni-Sobe is everyone’s must order because of the presentation and the beautiful uni. If they used Hokkaido uni, it would change this dish to a sweeter and less briny bite. However, Bafun uni is known for its unami and more bitter taste compared to other types. This is essentially a DIY uni temaki roll!

Overall Thoughts

Kun’s Omakase Bar is Steveston’s best kept secret! They focus on the seafood and less on hot Japanese items. If you tend to eat a lot to be full, you may need to reconsider because the menu has more bite size, sushi offerings. Nevertheless, it is perfect place for romantic dates or celebration dinners. They are a popular option for Japanese food so make sure to book ahead of time!

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