The best and lightweight food to bring camping

Wok Fresh is a dried, (super lightweight), asian flavoured fried rice! It takes 15 minutes to cook a mess free meal for two people. Here is why you need to take this on your next camping trip.

1. Fried Rice without Utensils

For Asian food lovers, Wok Fresh has four flavours that can satisfy your cravings for Korean, Thai and Chinese food
1. Korean Bibimbap
2. Thai Green Curry
3. Tom Yum Fried Rice
4. Original – Vegetable packed

2. Dietitian Approved & Nutritious

Concerned about nutrition and want to make every calorie count, their dried fried rice has nutrition facts which are dietitian approved. The Bibimbap and Original flavours have 16 g of protein and 6 g of fat which is amazing for a dried vegan meal.

3. Convenient and Compostable

You only need to pour hot water into the package, seal it for 15 minutes and dinner is served. Clean up? Zip up the package and compost it appropriately.

Final Thoughts

Fried rice is tricky to get right but Wok Fresh came close with flavour and texture. You can see the grains of rice and once rehydrated, it was very filling.

Each bag was lightweight and I see many people taking this on their camping trip. The tofu puffs in the original flavour was surprisingly accurate to the tofu puffs bought from grocery stores. I wish the Thai Green and Tom Yum flavours were more obvious but the gochujang sauce in the Korean flavour was perfect.

If you need a filling and delicious meal for two people without any waste, try Wok Fresh!

(These products have been gifted but opinions are my own. I wanted to support local businesses giving Asian flavours the same level of respect and love)

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