Teaspoons & Co. reopens Vancouver storefront with a refined menu and new products

[Aug 15, 2020] – Teaspoons & Co. is the new name representing Passion Tearoom and its bubble tea kit sister brand. Still located at 1020 Howe St., they are now offering specialty drinks such as Kurozato Matcha and customer favourite, Ca Phe!

Ca Phe with pearls

Their Ca Phe drink is Vietnamese coffee with chocolate notes, sweet condensed milk. I added pearls with my drink. I recommend asking for less sweetness in this drink if you are adding pearls. A must get drink!

Orange Blossom & Kurozatu Matcha

The orange blossom had fresh orange slices, a delicate touch of orange blossom and was super refreshing!

The Kurozatu Matcha is Japanese roasted green tea and is sweetened with Japanese black sugar. Great earthy flavour from the matcha pairs well with the rich caramelized flavour of the black sugar.

Earl Grey Chocolate Chip Cookie

They bake their own cookies in house and their earl grey chocolate chip cookie has earl grey leaves inside! The leaves adds an instant orange citrus flavour that will make you crave more. The cookie itself had a cakey crumb but the amount of oozing chocolate makes it the perfect cookie.

Melon Pan

They sell Efne Bake shop’s famous melon pan. Ask for them to reheat if for you because it enhances the matcha flavour and softens the bun.

Drink Menu

Overall Thoughts

Freshly brewed Ca Phe

If you love Vietnamese coffee or craving for beautifully hand crafted tea drinks with boba, Teaspoons & Co. is the perfect downtown cafe for you. They offer sitting space outside and in store. They do social distancing, so 1 person ordering at a time and best to have less than 4 people in the sitting area.

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