Swiss’s Laderach brings the best chocolates to Toronto and New York

Läderach has brought the best chocolate made in Switzerland to storefronts in Toronto and New York and through their e-commerce platform! I highly recommend their FrischSchoggi™ and Masters Bonbon Mandarine.


Fresh shards of chocolate bark are Laderach’s signature chocolates! I absolutely loved the white chocolate Raspberry-Blackberry bark because the white chocolate was not overly sweet.

Masters Bonbon Mandarine

The name says it all, these mandarin orange curd filled chocolates are exquisite. The chocolate shell was snappy and the slight tart mandarin filling made it addicting.

8er Assorted Truffles

Dark, milk and white chocolate truffles with fillings being alcohol infused or nut based. It is an aesthetic and great gift for chocolate lovers.

8er Grand Cru Pavé

Silky, rich and smooth, these pave chocolates immediately melt in your mouth. They remind me of Royce chocolate but even better because the depth of

Cut Praline

Bite size and beautifully layered pralines! It was not too sweet and the different flavours and ingredients did not compete with one another. Absolutely flawless.

FrischSchoggi™ Heart Hazelnut Milk

The hazelnuts were so fresh even up to 2 weeks in its packaging. I was completly blown away at how many whole hazelnuts were in this heart shaped bark. The milk chocolate was milky and smooth!

Final Thoughts

The freshness of nuts is a great indicator of the quality and care involved in the supply chain of chocolate. I purposely and slowly ate the chocolate to test its quality. Although it was recommended to consume everything within 2 weeks, I’m proud to say that Laderach’s quality control and assurance exceeded my expectation. The packaging is also beautiful!

I am so thankful for them opening an eCommerce store because I can get the chocolate shipped to Vancouver from Toronto or NYC.

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