Cold Tea Restaurant is serving Chinese-Vietnamese Fusion Food and All Day Dim Sum

Cold Tea Restaurant is a Chinese- Vietnamese Fusion restaurant that serves cocktails, all day dim sum and Chinese- Vietnamese dishes. Paying homage to Tsui, the previous restaurant, Cold Tea symbolizes alcohol served after hours in tea pots! Due to Covid-19, their dim sum menu has a limited variety.

Big Bird

Their bao buns are very fluffy and you can evidently see it through the air pockets. The chicken was fried well and the mayo covered cucumbers add a nice crunch.

Lai Fun Carbonara

Lai Fun is a Cantonese styled noodle where it has a thicker and rounded style. The five spiced cured bacon carries the salt through the dish. I found it a heavier dish but if you share with others

Char Siu Bao

Normally, I am skeptical of eating dim sum outside of a dim sum restaurant. However, Cold tea nailed the char siu bao perfectly. The bun was fluffy, and airy while the char siu meat sauce was textbook perfect. The meat could have a higher fat to meat ratio but overall, it was almost identical to my childhood char siu bao.

Char Siu on Rice

I associate Char Siu to glistening honey glaze with an iconic fermented red curd suit. This Char Siu on Rice fell short for me. Char Siu needs to be thick cut with a good fat to meat ratio. However, their char siu is cooked via sous vide and cut very thinly. You taste a strong black pepper taste instead of the signature char siu sauce.

BRULEE cà phê sữa đá

The creme brulee had a very strong Vietnamese coffee and condensed milk flavour. The sugar thickness was perfect and didn’t overpower the dessert with sweetness. I highly recommend you try this.

Garden Fizz

Lucky Lemonade (Left), Garden Fizz (Right)

The Garden Fizz had a beautiful presentation with egg white foam, fresh strawberries and a strong bitters flavour. The cocktail price is around $15 and may be a bit pricey but worth a splurge if you are celebrating!

Lucky Lemonade (Mocktail)

A refreshing and beautiful strawberry mocktail that pleases the eye and taste buds.

Overall Thoughts

Cold Tea has a stunning interior that serves fusion Chinese- Vietnamese food and happy hour! They opened during COVID-19 and have been working hard on tweaking their menu. I highly recommend their Big Bird bao, char siu bao, Vietnamese coffee creme brulee! The chef personally told me their Vietnamese cold chicken noodles is a winner. So I will definitely be back for that!

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