bb.Q Chicken is Coquitlam’s newest Korean fried chicken franchise

Originating from Seoul, South Korea, bb.q Chicken is the latest Korean fried chicken restaurant in Coquitlam. Their brand’s appearance on Crashing Landing on You has created a large following causing 1 hour take out wait times. They also have outlets in select HMART locations that mainly serve fried chicken.

Secret Sauced Chicken

This chicken was drenched in its famous Secret Sauce which was sweet, spicy and addicting. If I am correct, it is a rendition of a Yangnyeom, a spicy and sweet sauce. This was a full order of chicken and the portion size was enough for 2-3 separate meals or a family of 4. The breading was thicker than its compeitor, Kyochan in Seoul, South Korea, but that was the vessel that retained the sauce on the chicken. Chicken meat was tender and not dry for both light and dark meat.

Kang Jeong Chicken

This was a saucier and sweeter version of the well known soy garlic flavour. The addition of green onions added a mild onion flavour to compliment the soy flavour. The dark and white cuts of chicken meat were both tender, and juicy.

Mala Chicken Rice Bowl

If you want the same flavour experience but a healthier or lighter option, choose their rice bowls! The Mala Chicken was spicy and lended its sauce to the rice and egg. The chicken was battered and fried like a Japanese Chicken Katsu. The overall portion of the bowl was fitting for its price

Final Thoughts

bb.q stands for the Best of the Best Quality and I believed they delivered on their mission. I didn’t try their Original and Soy Garlic flavour but I was impressed with the portion and meat quality of their Secret Sauced and Kang Jeong fried chicken. Depending on what time you pick up your chicken, the breading does become slightly soggy but do reheat it when you get home or dine-in at their Coquitlam location. The wait time can be as long as 1 hr so please do call in advance. I was impressed with their rice bowl and would totally order it again.

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