Chatime PEAR-Fect Series: Snow Pear Splash and Desert Pear Plunge

For the month of May, Chatime released two new drinks, Snow Pear Splash and Desert Pear Plunge. It is available for a limited time and at select stores.

Snow Pear Splash

Sweet and mellow flavour of snow pear, served in a green tea base.

Chatime Canada

At 30% sweetness and light ice, the drink had a strong green tea base with a subtle snow pear flavour. You immediately taste the green tea and not the snow pear. It was refreshing and light.

Desert Pear Plunge

Lychee & Desert Pear juice layered with Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Chatime Canada

This drink had a strong lychee flavour and sweetness. Desert Pear brough a light melon-like sweetness and colour to the overall drink. Adding coconut jelly is a must as the tropical flavours of lychee and coconut pair well together. I suggest you order it at 30% sweetness.

Where to get it

You can directly order the drinks on ubereats at participating stores below or pick up at the store!

  • Blundell
  • West Broadway
  • New Westminster
  • Langara
  • Surrey (Not South Surrey!)
  • Park Royal
  • Burnaby (Kingsway)
  • East Hastings

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