Reusable BBT Cup launches Collapsible Bubble Tea Straws

Saving the planet with their reusable bubble tea cups and straws, Reusable BBT Cup has launched convenient and portable Collapsible Bubble Tea Straws.

The straw comes with a small brush cleaner and a case with a keychain loop. For those who carry a small bag or purse, the compatibility and weight of the straw made it very easy to carry around. I had no problem with using the medium length and no liquid spilled out where the straw collapses. The end tip is very pointy and the straw does not collapse when you poke it through the plastic bubble tip top.

It comes in two colours: silver (metal) or rainbow

To purchase, click here. There are no affiliate links associated in this blog post.

I wanted to support sustainable initiatives because COVID-19 caused us to increase our plastic waste tremendously.

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