The Baker Box: baked goods made by local Vancouver bakers

The Baker Box brings a refreshing take on desserts by offering 6 delicious pastries baked by local Vancouver bakers. They recently launched and I got to try their Mother’s Day themed box.

Sakura Mochi Brownie

Baked by Leanne

Unlike the American fudgy style, this mochi brownie is made with rice flour and chickpeas which gives it a very springy and light texture. Most mochi brownies remind me of Chinese Nian Gao but this more of a sponge cake with a chewy texture. You don’t feel heavy after eating it and the sweetness level was perfect.

New York Cheesecake

Baked by Hidy

This was a softer and creamy version of the firm and dense American New York Cheesecake. I enjoyed the classic combination of the sour cream topping with cream cheese but also, appreciated the hints of lemon. It was a refreshing and light dessert for a post barbecue dessert.

Cranberry Orange Scone

Baked by Grace

The scone was textbook perfect with a tender, soft crumb but crisp exterior. I loved the cranberry and orange flavour combination. It came with a nice dollop of clotted cream.

Luscious Lemon Bar

Baked by Grace

This was the favourite among all the baked goods. The smooth, sticky, tangy and tart lemon filling paired with a thick, crisp shortbread base was a winning dessert. For those who don’t like sweet desserts, this will be for you.

Heart Shaped Cookie

Baked by Tammy

Tammy’s simple but stunning Heart Shaped Cookie was a work of art. The royal icing was smooth, precise and lightly sweetened. I normally avoid cookies with royal icing but she proved me wrong with her meticulous piping skills and flooding technique. The sugar cookie had a nice snap and melted in my mouth. I can see these cookies as wedding favours or at showers. Beautiful work!

Cinnamon Knot

Baked by Sakie

This was a hybrid between a brioche bun and a cinnamon roll. The bread was fluffy and light. The cinnamon sugar gave the bread an additional sweetness but nothing too over the top. It was a great breakfast treat.

Overall Thoughts

I was very impressed by the quality and portion of each dessert. What impressed me the most was that these ladies, who may not even have a professional culinary background, were able to create a business that showcased skill and a high degree of flavour and ingredient knowledge. They went above and beyond to include a Mother’s Day card where they print your message to your mother for free. If you need a treat box for a special occasion, The Baker Box is your go to!

They take pre-orders on Instagram or email them at

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