2 Fast and Easy Ways to Make Tiramisu

Calling all tiramisu lovers! If you miss going out to cafes, get your tiramisu fix with the classic or Korean cafe style version.

Classic Tiramisu

From my previous recipe post, you can make 2 medium sized servings of tiramisu in under 10 minutes. (feeds 4 people)


16 Store Bought Lady Fingers
200g Warm Brewed Coffee
30g Sugar
2 Egg yolks
45g Sugar
2g Vanilla extract
250g Mascarpone cheese
120g Whipped cream (whipped up 50%)
Cocoa Powder (For decoration)
Icing Sugar (For decoration)


1) Make sure all ingredients are room temperature. 

2) Place a glass or metal bowl on top of a large bowl with hot water. You want the bottom of the glass bowl to touch the hot water because we are cooking the egg yolks and dissolving the sugar.

3) In the top bowl, whisk egg yolks with sugar until pale yellow. Lift the whisk and draw a figure of 8. If your figure of 8 can hold itself for 10 seconds, your egg mixture is ready

4) Add mascarpone cheese into the yolk mixture. Whisk to combine

5) In a separate bowl, make whipped cream and beat it until slightly runny but has enlarged with air. DO NOT make stiff peaks.

6) Mix the coffee and sugar together. Then pour into a plate or bowl that can fit lady fingers.

7) Lady Fingers soak liquid fast. So soak them in the coffee one by one. Turn it over 3-4 times then place into a glass container. Put 4 on the bottom.

8) Add 2  scoops of marscapone cream on top of the soaked ladyfingers and spread out evenly

9) Repeat step 7 and 8 for the second container’s first layer. Then, repeat step 7 and 8 for the second layer of both containers.

10) Smooth the top layer of cream. This will affect how the cocoa powder layer will look like.

11) Put containers in the refridgerator overnight

12) The next day, sift icing sugar on top of both containers. This helps the cocoa powder from absorbing into the cream.

13) Sift cocoa powder on top of the icing sugar.

14) Dig in!

Korean Cafe Style Tiramisu


4 Store Bought Lady Fingers
1 Tsp Instant Coffee
1/8 Tsp sugar
1/2 Cup Warm water
1 Tbsp Mascarpone cheese
110g Whipping cream
Cocoa Powder (For decoration)


  1. Whisk whipping cream with mascarpone cheese until the mixture has become runny but thick (around 2 mins on hand mixer)
  2. Combine water, instant coffee and sugar in a bowl.
  3. Soak ladyfingers one by one into the coffee mixture until they are soft to touch. Transfer to a plate with 2 lady fingers parallel to each other and stack 2 lady fingers on top.
  4. Scoop mascarpone cheese cream on top of the lady fingers to cover them like snow
  5. Dust the tiramisu with cocoa powder
  6. Enjoy!

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