Beautiful Asian- French Pastries by Remi Patisserie

Remi has taken Vancouver’s dessert scene by storm with his Asian fused French pastries! Due to COVID-19, you will need to pre-order. His full menu can be found on his Instagram stories.

Matcha Mochi Eclair

I’m normally not a choux pastry type of gal but I fell in love with this Matcha Mochi Éclair.

What is an Éclair?

An éclair is an oblong version of a choux pastry or what Americans call a “cream puff.” A textbook eclair must have a hollow and airy interior and crisp exterior.

Did Remi get it right? You bet he did.

Matcha Mochi Éclair

The éclair was crisp and held up the rich, earthy and perfectly balanced matcha cream. The mochi centre was chewy and soft. I was surprised at how none of the fillings and toppings made the éclair soggy. I highly recommend you try this!

Hojicha Flan

The hojicha flan had a creamy, silky and light centre and a flakey crust. I didn’t get a lot of hojicha flavour as the egg flavour was more prominent. Overall, it was a great tasting and beautiful tart (the hojicha mochi stole the show. Keep reading to find out more)

Hojicha Mochi

Don’t underestimate the technique involved in making a great mochi. Remi has created the ultimate yet simple looking hojicha mochi. First, I was surprised at the pale yellow colour as most hojicha desserts are brown. However, the moment you take a bite… the silent but deadly delicious HOJICHA mousse centre is the only thing you will taste. The whipped cream gives a fuller mouthfeel but you won’t taste much of it. The mochi skin was impeccably soft, chewy and delicate. Highly recommend you try this and his mango mochi!

How to order

Remi is only taking preorders from Monday- Wednesday. Make sure to directly message him on Instagram by Wednesday of that week and cake orders need 1 week notice. Pick up is either Saturday or Sunday. Look out for his updated menu on his Instagram stories. No words can really describe his amazing pastries. You have to try it to know what I am talking about.

My Remi Patisserie Order

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