Matcha Macarons with Zulay Kitchen’s Matcha Powder

I love experimenting with different matcha powders and this time, I am trying Zulay Kitchen’s Matcha Powder!

Zulay’s Matcha Powder

Zulay’s matcha powder is 100% USDS organic and it is from the Shizuoka Prefecture, the largest tea growing region in Japan. Its quality does reflect in the taste and colour. The matcha powder gave my macaron buttercream a slightly bitter but balanced aftertaste. With my buttercream being on the richer, bitter side, it pushed the matcha flavour to the forefront and offset the sweetness of the macaron. All my co-workers loved the intense matcha flavour

Matcha Macaron Recipe

Recipe (adapted from @hanse____)
– Egg whites 100g (3 Large)
– Sugar 100g
– Almond Flour 124g
– Powder Sugar 120g
– Matcha Powder 7 g
Bake at 300 F for 12 minutes 

For further instructions, please watch Hanse’s Youtube Video

Macaron Tips

  1. WEIGH all ingredients.
  2. ADJUST all ingredients based on the weight of your egg whites (ex. the recipe calls for 70g of egg whites and I have 100g, so multiple all ingredients by 1.43
  3. USE a toothpick to gently deflate the tiny air bubbles on the surface of your macarons after piping them
  4. DRY your macarons for more than 30 mins or until the surface of the macarons are dry to touch

Matcha is always my go to flavour when I make macarons. I love how the natural bitterness cuts the sweetness and no artificial food colouring is needed to make it look pretty!

I still have a lot to learn about baking macarons especially with consistency! However, practice makes perfect and if you follow my baking stories, I never give up.

For more baking fun, follow my Instagram @pistachiopicks !

Thank you @zulay_kitchen for the matcha powder #ad #sponsored

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  1. wow these look so cool!

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      Thank you so much!

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