SipBowl La Mian | Hand Pulled Noodles

SipBowl La Main is a hidden gem in Kerrisdale. They specialize in Lanzhou La Mian, a Chinese Muslim styled beef noodle soup which consist of a clear, consommé like broth, with hand pulled noodles.

SipBowl Signature La Mian

The beef noodles consist of a beef consomme, clear beef broth, with shaved radishes, beef shank and of course… with hand pulled noodles! The beef shank was tender with its gelatinous parts locked into the meat.

The noodles were incredibly chewy, 3mm in width and has a triangular shape. It has a high degree of difficulty to make but is great for locking flavour and soup.

Beef & Sauerkraut Noodles

I ordered the flat noodles with the beef & sauerkraut noodles. The sauerkraut has a tangy and underlying heat that hits you in the aftertaste. It really flavoured the beef consumme and if I knew there was chili oil I would add it to give the broth another dimension of flavour.

La Mian

La Mian in Chinese is hand pulled noodles. They make everything fresh in house with a noodle master pulling noodles at 12:30 PM in front of the store.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the Kerrisdale area, I highly recommend you stopping by for a bowl of noodles. I love how their menu shows you different noodle styles that they can hand pull but I wouldn’t recommend ‘The Supreme’ Noodle type (the widest) because it is quite hard according to our server.

Bear in mind that the Lanzhou style of beef noodles are different compared to the Taiwanese style of rich and beefy beef noodle soup! SipBowl’s version is meant to have subtle beef flavour which becomes enhanced by cilantro, onions and chilli oil.

Stick to triangular or flat for your noodle style and enjoy a freshly made bowl of noodles that gives you a taste of Lanzhou

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