BlackBall | Taiwanese Dessert in Richmond

BlackBall is located in the Union Square Mall in Richmond. They are known for serving grass jelly, chewy taro and sweet potato balls and great matcha toppings!

BlackBall Grass Jelly

Blackball Grass Jelly

This is the classic dessert you must try to get the full BlackBall experience. The scoop of icy grass jelly was delicate in texture but very refreshing. The Taro and Sweet Potato Q is my favourite item on the menu because it has a greater flavour and taste of the root vegetable compared to the rice flour. Also, the pearls were cooked to perfection, the brown sugar cubes were not too sweet and the grass jelly was light and jiggly.

Purple Rice Series

Fresh Milk w/ Purple Rice and Mini Balls & Green Tea w/ Purple Rice and Tofu

Recently I have been obsessed with purple rice in my drinks! The Fresh Milk with Purple Rice and Mini Balls was a pleasant surprised because it tasted like I was drinking red bean dessert soup but made out of purple rice! The mini balls (taro and sweet potato) were chewy and a delight to sip. The milk lightens the thick purple rice mixture and its flavour merges well into the mixture. I highly recommend it!

Forest Matcha Ice

This is a Taiwanese style of shaved ice where the shaved ice is tiny crunchy particles. I think the matcha flavour was earthy and sweet but there wasn’t enough compared to the amount of ice. However, the the salted cheese foam was an excellent touch! Loved how it created an aesthetic look but tasted good too.

Although I am more of a fan of Korean and Japanese shaved ice, this dessert set is worth the money because you get a regular sized bowl of toppings. Essentially you are paying for 2 desserts for 1 price. The matcha jelly and pudding was not over sweet and had a great earthy matcha flavour. The rice balls were chewing while the red beans and barley gave a great textural component to the overall set.

Final Thoughts

I frequent this place when I have time to go out and eat dessert! They are reasonably priced especially when they are great for sharing. Also, I liked how you will fill full from the dessert but you won’t feel that ‘indigestion’ full.

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