Haisai! Sweets & Treats |AMAZING Japanese Baked Goods

The ladies from Haisai! have been gracing Vancouverites with their quality Japanese baked goods at pop ups and I got the chance to snag a few at WeWork!

Amazing Cookies!


Okinawa Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

What is Okinawa Sea Salt?

Salt in Okinawa is rich in minerals, slightly sweeter and is produced is clear ocean waters of… you guessed it, Okinawa. So instead of using large flakes of commercialized sea salt, Haisai! used a more premium salt to showcase the beautiful wonders of Japan.


This is no ordinary chocolate chip cookie because there is a generous amount of chocolate and sea salt to compliment one another. The texture of the cookie is way chewier, thicker and denser due to the use of bread flour. I enjoyed this a lot!

Matcha Cookie

This was my ABSOLUTE favourite because I bought it each time the Ladies came to WeWork. The use of bread flour with matcha from Paragon Tea Room gives a vibrant and natural matcha green colour and flavour. The large chunks of white chocolate was the cherry on top!


Cookie Bars

Black Sesame Bar

This Black Sesame Bar was the equivalent of an Asian Blondie! It looked simple but don’t be fooled because the black sesame flavour was so rich and fragrant! I could easily go back to this and choose it over the chocolate chip cookie.

This is a MUST GET!

Miso Caramel Brownie

The brownie had a great fudgy consistency and the miso caramel gave a brown sugar taste. I wish the miso was more prominent but overall it was a great treat to share.

Matcha Bun

The bun was soft and fluffy but there was an overall consensus that the matcha flavour was overpowered by the sweetness. Nevertheless, it was still a great bun but we are matcha lovers and the earthiness is something we specifically look out for.

Garlic Butter Shoyu Bun

I didn’t get to try this but from other people commented that the garlic butter flavour was strong and the bun was beautifully knotted. Next time I will try this!

Final Thoughts

They are the first to modernize classic Japanese flavours into popular baked goods so I am excited to see what the HaiSai! Ladies have in store for 2020!

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