Hi Genki | Japanese Comfort Food

Located inside the Robert Nimi Nikkei Home, Hi Genki serves affordable and delicious Japanese Comfort Food to their Seniors and all customers.

Spicy Kaarage Don ($9.95)

Spicy Kaarage Don

Sweet & spicy soy fried chicken

This was my favourite dish because the spicy glaze on the chicken just perfectly enhanced the sweet soy, sweet rice and tender chicken flavour. The chicken was lightly battered and fried which was opposite of your usual crispy and savoury kaarage dish.

However, everything in this dish worked so well together. I highly recommend you try it!

Ebi & Satsuma Tendon ($10.95)

天丼 (Tendon) means tempera served over rice, and we had shrimp and fish cake tempera offerings. I loved the combination of the two seafood tempera and the drizzle of sauce mixed with rice was delicious and perfectly balanced.

This dish comes with sauce and please don’t complain about the tempera being “soggy.” Tendon is eating in this way. If you want crispy tempera, please order the normal tempera.

Final Thoughts

This is a hidden gem in Burnaby especially with all the loud, mainstream restaurants popping up. I enjoyed eating in a peaceful and slightly more slow pace restaurant. The food was homey, reasonably priced. I want those who go to be PATIENT because you are a guest in the Senior Home and you pay at the front of the restaurant.

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