Ember Indian Kitchen | African & Indian Fusion Food

Located on the edge of Steveston, Ember Indian Kitchen is serving Indian food that has East African influences. The owner, Mr. Amin Sunderji, is a kind soul and he helped us choose what to eat!

Small Share Plates

Spinach Bhajia (must try!)

This dish is made by Mr. Sundreji’s wife! She takes fresh spinach and presses it into 12 LAYERS and then wraps it into a can for pressure cooking. Once it becomes a dense log, it is sliced, battered in chickpea flour then fried.

These little disks are the best thing I have ever had. Such technique and process is hard to find and I am grateful to learn new preparation methods.


It comes with a grated garlic, ginger, buttermilk sauce and it gives a nice texture to the spinach disk. It isn’t a luscious one as you see the grated ginger fibres but it helps give the disks some “moisture.”

Mogo (Cassava) Fries

What is Cassava

Mogo is the East African way of saying Cassava. If you are unfamiliar with Cassava, it is a nutrient-dense root vegetable that is often served savory in Africa. It has a higher starch content, lower fibre but less sugar type of root vegetable.

It’s a great sharing plate

These fries were great for sharing because it definitely filled up my tummy! The dipping sauce is tangy so it cuts the rich starch.


Kuku Paka

Kuku Paka

African style charboiled chicken cooked in coconut cream sauce & herbs

This beats butter chicken any day! The chicken pieces are large and tender. The coconut cream sauce didn’t taste like the preserved coconut cream in a can but was balanced where you get that coconut water “freshness”. It went so well with the Garlic Naan

Beef Roganjosh

Beef Roganjosh

Short rib cooked with onions, tomatoes & a specialty blend of aromatic herbs

The cubed beef kept its shape well and they were tender. All the aromatic vegetables and herbs worked so well together. I could eat this over pasta, rice and naan! A great compliment to the Garlic Naan and substitute to the typical curry

Ember Tandoor & Grill

Lamb Chops- Hadi Chaamp

The lamp chops were very tender and charred so well. Don’t fear from the blacken parts because it isn’t bitter and gave off a smoky flavour. I shared this dish with my parents and they raved about it!

Side dishes

The Naan here is chewy, thin and has a nice char at the bottom. I realized that the naan tastes better the second time around because they make it fresh with more garlic butter spread. Although, it is the same dough, I found the differences quite prominent but they still taste better than other naans around town.

Final Thoughts

This hidden gem deserves more love and if you are in the Steveston area, I highly recommend you come! Their dining room and interior design are perfect for birthdays, gatherings and dinner parties. The owner is also very kind and helpful because he knows that not everyone knows a lot about Indian food besides the mainstream butter chicken and naan.

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