Dosanko |Japanese Yōshoku Restaurant

Located in the Japantown of Vancouver, Dosanko serves delicious Western styled (Yōshoku) Japanese food that will make you think “why didn’t I come here earlier??”

Most Popular Dishes


Omurice is a Japanese omelette that is folded within itself in the cooking process and then the extremely fluffy and silky egg is draped over rice when cut.

I absolutely loved this dish because the eggs had its own natural sweetness and was perfectly cooked and dreamy. There is no uneven browning! Although the eggs didn’t fall down from its own weight like the famous omurice in Japan, it exceeded my expectations.


This dish surprised us all because we didn’t think it would be coated in luscious cheese. The curry was so flavourful and fragrant. We ate this up immediately! No complaints at all.

Special Menu Items

Beef Belly Katsu-Sandwich

This sandwich will completely change the way you think of sandwiches! The beef belly completely melted in my mouth and required very minimal chewing. It didn’t look like it but trust me, it was so tender! The mustard and cabbage helped cut the fattiness of the beef but this is another must try.

Korean Hot Chicken

This was less Korean style and more of a glazed Japanese chicken kaarage. The slight spicy sauce really brought the chicken to a new level. Although the breading was not as crispy as Korean fried chicken, the sauce and juicy chicken made up for it! It is a great sharing appetizer.

Uni Udon

Uni udon

The udon was al dente, hand made and resembles fettuccine. Once the uni is mixed into the pasta, you don’t taste much uni flavour as the cream sauce masks it. It was great to try it because homemade udon is hard to come by but I rather eat a piece of uni nigiri.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely come back and bring my friends and family. It is a shame that Dosanko is slightly hidden and far away from Richmond. The prices were VERY reasonable. A party of 5 ordered 6 dishes including dessert and tea, and we each paid $22. The only thing you have to lookout for is your surroundings when you walk around the East Vancouver area.

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