Noodle Mania By Vanfoodster

Noodle Mania is a Tasting Plate Tour hosted by Vanfoodster. We got to sample different types of noodles from around the world in a short 3 hours!

Stop 1: Pacific Poke

You wonder what does a poke place have to do with noodles? Don’t be surprised because Pacific Poke is always pushing the boundaries with their chef bowls and toppings. Their noodle element was the crunchy ramen topping.

The Main with Crunchy Ramen Topping

I am definitely not complaining because I love their ‘The Main’ bowl! It has the most amount of protein and I love how I get sweet, sour, salty in one bite.

sockeye salmon, spicy ahi, crab & shrimp, ginger jicama, avocado nori, seaweed salad, citrus mayo, sesame miso dressing

Stop 2: Robba Da Matti

This is the most unique and almost hidden Italian restaurant! Found underneath an apartment building in a residential street, they make fresh pasta in house everyday. They bring Italian cooking to next levels because they care about the marriage of each ingredient on the plate.

Pasta Offerings

Spaghetti w. a Southern Italian Pesto

I absolutely loved the Spaghetti with a Southern Italian Pesto because the basil was fresh and abundant. The spaghetti was al dente and had a slight large diameter so it coated the sauce more and made me feel very full.

Pappardelle Roche Roche

This was a table favourite amongst us because there was meat (the gentlemen loved that) and the pasta itself had a distinct egg flavour. The meat reminded me of beef brisket, tender with a bite.

Noodle Arts

Noodle Arts has more than 40 stores across North America and they specialize in hand pull noodles.

Beef Lanzhou Noodles

There were some confusion at this stop and inconsistencies with portions. However, that shouldn’t overshadow the beauty of hand pulled noodles.

They supplied scissors to cut the noodles because the pulling technique makes noodles form in a loop. I really enjoyed the firmness of the noodles. The broth was clear and light but taste even more flavourful when you add their homemade chilli.

I forgot to take pictures of their Fried Cumin Lamb Noodles as it took almost 45 mins to make and I dug into it hot.

Italian Tomato

The “Cool Aunt” of the Italian Tomato Family

The Italian Tomato location on Davie St. is like the cool aunt you aspired to me. She would be always traveling and bring back the best gifts.

Compared to the homey and cozy location in Richmond, there is more refinement in the interior and menu. You see more unique pasta flavour combinations.

The mushroom ravioli and its rich, creamy mushroom sauce was perfect for a hump day dish. The Spaghetti was twirled to perfection. It was also al dente and was the sauce was evenly coated.

Final Thoughts

The tasting plates events are always a blast to attend because I get introduced to new restaurants. As a “foodie”, I realized the importance of hidden gem restaurants that don’t need to be front and centre on social media or on a popular street. If the food is good, people will come. I definitely will look for restaurants beyond those with picturesque feeds on social media. After all, the restaurant industry is the reason why Vancouver is on the map!

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