Gomae Meal Prep | Healthy Vegan Meals on the go

Gomae Meal Prep is focused on bridging the gap between convenient meal prep service and offering a rotating menu of plant based foods. The meals come from different plant based or vegan restaurants around Vancouver. #supportlocal

Mac and NoCheese

Mac & No Cheese

creamy noodles with perfectly roasted and spiced vegetables

This was a favourite because it didn’t make me miss the cheese at all. The roasted vegetables gave the pasta an additional smokey like flavour. The red peppers were tangy and helped balance the creamy and richness.

Kale Caesar & Artichoke Lasagna

Kale Caesar

This was very filling and fresh! The kale didn’t have any signs of browning and kept its crunch. There was broccoli, a plant base meat and quinoa. This was protein packed and the dressing wasn’t overpowered by the coconut milk base. Great choice for a lunch option.

Artichoke Lasagna

I really loved this dish because there was ricotta or a vegan ricotta that made me think I was eating a meat lasagna. It was a large portion so I wasn’t hungry in the afternoon. The noodles were covered generously with the tomato sauce. Vegan cheese on top gave me a cheesy feeling. Must order!

Breakfast Burrito

The Breakfast Wrap was really good. The “egg” scrabble inside was not dry and I ate half of it with my Kale Caesar. I was impressed with the amount of filling inside the wrap!

Final Thoughts

This time around I was super impressed with each of the offers. I enjoyed all of the dishes and the quality has increased. Although each week has different dishes, I like the option of pausing my meal plan subscription if I felt like cooking!

Use this code to redeem for 2 free meals! 2FREEFR0MINF0220

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