The Alley | New Bubble Tea Store in Richmond

The Alley is opening their second store in BC in the Union Square Shopping Centre!

Signature Brown Sugar Deerioca Series

The Alley is famous for their Signature Brown Sugar Deerioca Series! Each batch of pearls take 2 hours to make and they are cooked in brown sugar which gives the drink a beautiful caramel flavour.

The Deerioca Matcha had a nice earthy matcha flavour but the Brown Sugar Deerioca Puff or Creme Brulee was rich and caramel-y. Using fresh milk, the creme brulee topping made the drink more luscious and thicker.

Lulu Fresh Fruit Series

Orange Lulu

The Alley blends fresh, quarter sliced oranges to make this drinks! They combine the orange puree with oolong to make a very refreshing and healthier drink alternative. I enjoyed this a lot and you can drink this in the morning if you need a lighter tea caffeine dose.

The Alley Popcorn

The Alley Richmond will be offering their new popcorn product for $5 in stores! The Golden Oolong flavour had a strong caramel flavour but the Black Tea flavour was stronger. I was impressed with the airiness and crunchiness of the popcorn – best texture I have ever had.

There is also a QR code on the popcorn bags and if you purchase one, you have a chance to win drink discounts and more!

Aurora Series

Mixed Version of the Northern Lights and Morning Dawn

Northern Lights and Morning Dawn

These drinks are Instagram worthy and tasty! They have a slushy consistency and the colours come from natural ingredients like butterfly pea, mango.

The Northern Lights changes colour because apple cider vinegar is included in the drink while the Morning Dawn is sweeter as Mango is used. The bottles add a great touch too!

Soft Opening Details

Thursday February 13th and Friday February 14th with 10% off most drinks.

Grand Opening Details

They are giving away 100 FREE drinks and Antler Pins both on Saturday February 15th and Sunday February 16th at 3 PM

Specialty drinks will be 15% off during the day as well.

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