Popina Canteen: $15 Dine Out Menu Review

Popina Canteen serves “pretty” fast food that celebrates local ingredients and Vancouver’s own cravings: lobster rolls, falafel, fried chicken and beef burger! Their brightly coloured container like shop on the edge of Granville Island will satisfy all your tastebuds.

Crispy Free Run Chicken Sandwich

Crispy Free Run Chicken Sandwich

lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion, honey hot sauce

This chicken burger exceeded my expectations completely. The seasoned breading on the chicken was very light and had a seafood like taste. It definitely reminded me of fried calamari.

I loved the addition of the pickles and its juice really helped give the burger a briny but delicious flavour.

Grass Fed BC Beef Cheeseburger


lettuce, tomato, pickles, secret sauce

The cheeseburger was delicious with the meat not being dry at all. The secret sauce was not overly salty and had hints of heat peeking out at times. The pickle juice with the mayo really helped cut the fat

Shoestring Fries

Shoestring Fries

Puffcream: soft serve with a cream puff

Barista and Malteser


espresso and turbinado sugar crumb, ecuadorian cocoa

The coffee flavour was very strong but the milk flavour from Birchwood Dairy soft serve was very prominent. Nothing was masked here as the simple flavours worked very well together


crushed chocolate covered malted milk balls

Just like the name, you will get lots of crushed malteser malt balls with your soft serve. The cream puff did not get soggy at all and had a great crunch!

Final Thoughts

Definitely visit them during Dine Out Vancouver but if you missed them this year, make sure you go in 2021 or visit them at Granville Island to try their other creations like their lobster roll or Turkish Delight Puffcream!

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