Gram Cafe Richmond | Japanese Souffle Pancakes at Aberdeen Centre

Gram Cafe has brought their fluffy, premium souffle pancakes to Vancouver! They are in preparations to open but the date is not known yet. I had the opportunity to preview the menu and give you all the inside scoop of the best dishes!

Premium Pancakes

Gram is famous for their iconic, stacked 3 souffle pancakes. To make such fluffy pancakes, the egg white ratio is higher than egg yolks. This causes the pancake to lose its fragrant flavour but you get a slightly denser but springy cake like texture.

These Premium Pancakes require 30 mins to make and 30 servings are offered in 3 time slots: 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

Tiramisu Pancakes

The tiramisu pancake was decadent and heavy. This is because the mascarpone cheese filling is very thick and they sift a generous amount of cocoa powder. I missed the coffee soak that was found in the Gram Tiramisu Pancake I had in Hong Kong. However, the pancake texture was airer and had the egg yolk flavour that was missing in the Hong Kong version.

Sweet Fruits & Chocolate

This was your classic fruit and chocolate syrup pancake. I loved how they picked sweet berries, golden kiwis and grapefruit as toppings. These fruits may or may not change based on the season.

Apple & Tea Cream Pancakes

My favourite was the Apple and Tea Cream pancakes. The cooked and tender apples with a dash of cinnamon along with the cold apple jelly made the dish more extraordinary. Usually, I don’t like cooked fruits but the flavours all worked well with one another.

Scrambled Eggs and Bacon Pancake

The scrambled eggs were super cheesy while the bacon had a nice thickness and smokey flavour. Definitely can consider eating this if you don’t like sweet pancakes!

Final Thoughts

These pancakes were really trendy a few years ago and I am glad we don’t have to fly to Vancouver to enjoy these jiggly pancakes. I think it is worth trying if you haven’t already in Japan but definitely get the Premium Pancakes!

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