The Granville Room | Dine Out Menu Review

The Donnelly Group’s Granville Room is participating in Dine Out and I had the opportunity to review their menu! All in all, I was surprised at the quality of each dish and the ambiance. It was a classy and comfortable bar environment.

Volcanic Hills Pinot Gris


ginger, coconut curry, sriracha, cucumber, mint

This dish was the best of the night because the prawns were cooked just right and paired with a fragrant and vibrant coconut curry. I loved the crunchiness of the lettuce and the colours of the vegetables.

Jor’s Flautas

braised chicken or sweet potato, cilantro, sour cream, salsa

The taquito/flautas was crispy and not oily. The braised chicken was tender and did not caused the taquito to be soggy. The sour cream was a great touch as it gave the dish the right about of sauce.


Steak Sandwich

horseradish mayo, arugula, tomato, punched fries and gravy

The steak was a tad bit tough but overall, the horseradish mayo and arugula gave a nice spicy cut to the dish. The bun was lightly toasted while the fries were crispy. Overall not a bad dish.

Mac & Cheese

rigatoni, truffled parmesan, bacon, greens

The Mac & Cheese was executed well with the bacon being crispy and pasta cooked to al dente. I didn’t taste any truffle flavour from the cheese and perhaps a touch of truffle oil would have worked better.


Ice Cream Drumstick

chocolate fudge, peanuts, caramel

This dessert brought me back to my childhood! I loved how the chocolate fudge was through out the centre of the ice cream and not just at the tip or scoop portion.

The beverage pairing worked well with the vanilla ice cream and complimented the orange fused whisky.

Final Thoughts

For $25, the overall meal felt very cohesive and well executed for a place serving mostly bar food. The wine pairings for the appetizer and entree were a good choice with the more acidity and citrusy pinot gris complimenting the deep fried flautas and rich coconut broth. The portion of the wine was half a glass which for $12 is not too unreasonable. With only 9 days left for Dine Out, this place might be a place to consider!

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