The Rise Eatery | Dine Out Vancouver 2020 Experience

The Rise Eatery is an Asian contemporary restaurant created by Chef Dan and his wife, Wanda. The Dynamic duo has been introducing creative dishes like their signature Uni-versal Pasta that draws crowds in!


A Curve Ball

House vegan cheese, spinach & mushroom arancini, masala pumpkin seed romesco sauce, sun-dried tomato chutney.

The arancini was delicious with a crispy exterior! The sun-dried tomato chutney and romesco sauce elevated what you normally get at an Italian restaurant. There was nothing boring about this dish as there were multiple complimentary flavours that made this arancini a stand out dish

Chicken Seoul Good

Korean style fried chicken, wild mushroom cream, truffle oil, grated parmesan.

The chicken had a very light and crispy batter. The truffle oil and mushroom flavour in the cream was strong and delicious. The sauce also help the fried chicken gain some additional flavour.


Ode to Adobo

Duck leg confit, Filipino sausage & edamame cassoulet, pomme purée.

The duck leg was pull apart tender and it didn’t take much effort to chew. The mash potatoes were silky smooth and the edamame cassoulet was nicely seasoned. It was a good choice of bean to use because my parents aren’t fond of beans but they couldn’t stop eating the cassoulet.

Uni-Versal Pasta

House XO sauce sautéed prawns, squid ink pasta, sea urchin cream, free run egg yolk, flying fish roe, toasted seaweed

This dish put The Rise Eatery on the map and every time someone raves about it, I can’t help but order it again. The pasta was al dente and after mixing the egg yolk, fish roe and sea urchin cream, you literally can’t put your fork down. The shrimp was cooked well and is highly recommended to mix with the pasta because it is a tad salty when eaten on its own.

Fryday Meat-up

Grilled 7oz sterling flat iron steak, miso gravy, togarashi compound butter, frites, spicy vegetable jardinière

The steak was so tender and had an amazing charred flavour. Cooked to medium rare, the portion was perfect for my dad and the pickled vegetables help cut the richness of the steak.


I Care-a-mel About U

Salted caramel crème brûlée, pecan praline, brown butter quinoa crumble

This creme brulee was so light in texture that it instantly melted in my mouth. It didn’t make me feel heavy afterwards and the sweetness level was well balanced! The pecan praline with the crackled sugar gave the dessert a crunch element that I enjoyed a lot

Luv U So Matcha

Matcha green tea cheese tart, raspberry coulis, crispy white chocolate pearls

This is my second time trying their Luv U so Matcha tart and there were definitely improvements. The cheese flavour did not over power the matcha flavour and the oozey centre was beautiful. The use of dehydrated raspberries were smart because it added an additional crunch element

Final Thoughts

This $35 menu is worth every dollar because you get seafood, meat, premium ingredients like matcha and uni in your three course meal. Out of all the dine out menus I have tried or seen, The Rise Eatery has the most cohesive and well thought out dishes. My brought my parents for the first time to The Rise Eatery and they loved it so much!

With only 5 days left, definitely go and book your table!

Location: 3121 Granville Street Vancouver, BC V6H 3K1

Phone Number: (604) 559-8280

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