Hvala – Singapore’s best and most instagrammable matcha cafe

When I travel, I always look for matcha cafes to visit and Hvala was on the top of my SG list for a few years!

Hvala is an insta-worthy Japanese cafe serving all things matcha in tea, cakes, gelato and pastry form. They serve delicious food and beverages and have a gorgeous Japanese zen garden where you can take pictures and unwind on wooden steps.

Hvala has multiple locations and I specifically went to the Somerset location for the Japanese garden but their CHIJMES location is also very beautiful!

Matcha Drinks

Yuki Matcha Latte (SGD 6.9) and Matcha Hojicha Latte (SGD 6.9)

The matcha was earthy, robust and not too sweet. Also, I loved how the matcha flavour stood on its own and was not overpowered by the milk. The hojicha had a lovely roasted flavour and complemented the matcha well. Delicious drinks!

Matcha Petit (SGD 9.9)

Matcha mousse, sponge cake, feuilletine

The matcha mousse reminded me of velvety Nama chocolate. The sponge cake layer was on the drier side but the crunchy feuilletine made up for that.

Goma Mont Noir (SGD 8.9)

A twist on the classic Mont Blanc, Hvala created a black sesame version which was super fragrant, and nutty. There’s vegan cream on the inside holding up the black sesame chestnut paste and almond frangipane centre with a crispy tart shell.

I highly recommend you order this!

Hvala’s Japanese Garden

With its airy white and spacious interior and elements from a zen garden, Hvala is a great spot to recharge after a hot day in Singapore.

Hvala @ Somerset

111 Somerset Rd, #01-10, Singapore 238164

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