Torafuku celebrates 7th Anniversary with a Limited Time Only Menu

Torafuku, known for its bold representation of Pan- Asian cuisine, is turning 7 and launching a brand new omakase menu! For a limited time only, let your tastebuds go wild for seasonal produce, house-made creamy Burrata, Chicken Fat Rice, S’Mores Tart and so much more!


This menu is available till the end of September. For $65 per person (min. 2 orders), you can choose 1 appetizer, 2 mains and 1 dessert. Select from a mix of their most popular dishes and new seasonal share plates.

To further celebrate, they currently have an anniversary promotion:

Spend $150 and receive a $25 GC
Spend $250 and receive a $50 GC
(Runs until August 28)

as well as a charitable component where they will donate 10% of proceeds from their Anniversary mule (BACKPACKER’S MULE) to Chinatown foundation during the month of August.


I’ve summarized how I felt about each dish and recommend ordering the dishes listed below.


Creamy housemade burrata with seasonal vegetables

This appetizer was one of the most memorable dishes of the night. Made in-house, the burrata had the freshest and softest exterior which seamlessly combined with the milky and creamy interior. The grilled corn had an excellent charred flavour while the sweet peas gave off a crisp and tasty contrasting texture.

Zucchini Blossoms

Shrimp mousse stuffed Zucchini Blossom

I loved this Asian rendition of a zucchini blossom. Unlike its cheesy Italian counterpart, Torafuku stuffed it with shrimp mousse and once fried, it becomes a springy centre that doesn’t weigh you down. A must order!

Papaya Salad

Confit pork jowl, chili lime vinaigrette, candied peanuts

My tastebuds were sent to Thailand after eating this dish. Although it’s not for the faintest heart (look at that fatty goodness!),the pork jowl was smooth and indulgent and most of all complemented the chilli lime papaya salad. The candied peanuts added sweetness to balance out the richness and zingy sourness.


Chicken Fat Rice

Shiitake mushroom, crispy chicken skin, fried egg

For rice lovers, this bowl is for you! It’s packed with loads of umami flavour and rice is cooked in chicken broth. You can add foie gras for an additional $15.

Three Cup Chicken

AAA Chuck Steak with Potatoes

Like the name reads, AAA Canadian Chuck Tender, it was so tender and perfectly medium rare. The potatoes were *refreshing.* You might be thinking, “how can a starchy potato be refreshing??” Let me tell you. Chilled potatoes have a lower glycemic index compared to warm potatoes. So, when you chill it and pair it with crunchy friends like the lotus root, it becomes a mind boggling sensation.

Tuna Tataki

Albacore tuna, nicoise salad, shio koji dressing confit tuna belly

If you’re looking for a salad, this Tuna Takaki will satisfy your cravings. The tuna is seared perfectly with the centre kept firm and in a sashimi- like texture.

Hot Smoked Salmon

Can’t travel to NYC? Enjoy Torafuku’s version of a salmon lox bagel! They have the fluffiest pull apart loaf and instead of heavy cream cheese, they opted to serve creme fraiche.


I always default to ordering their incredible burnt basque cheesecake but this S’Mores Tart won me over. Maybe its because there was an obvious summer connection, but the meringue had the best torched crisp exterior blanketing a fluffy, airy and sticky cloud interior. The chocolate in the tart was not overly sweet and had a very smooth and rich texture.

Final Thoughts

This menu really reflects summer flavours and freshness. Each dish had an acidic component which balances out the richness from the meat, sauce or fats. Dessert is always incredible. If you’re looking for a summer cocktail, I recommend the Green Lambo and O My Sake because the zesty lime, syrup choice and alcohol base create a sharpness and mild sweetness.

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