Tea Cubed launches new Mid Autumn Themed Ice Cream Puffs, Milk Tea and HK Lemon Tea Slush in Vancouver


Tea Cubed is celebrating Mid Autumn Moon Festival with their newest ice cream puff, tea slushies and desserts for Mid Autumn Moon Festival. These creations are available at Pricesmart Station Square at the deli section from August 19 to September 11th for four weekends only (Fri- Sun).

Who is Tea Cubed?

Tea Cubed is a collaboration between three powerhouse entrepreneurs: Thirstea, Niche Creamery and Kukki Jar. This is their second pop-up at Pricesmart Station Square featuring Hong Kong-style drinks paired with ice cream filled in beautifully adorned cream puffs. Also available are Kukki Jar’s unique cakes


Feelin’ Peachy Ice Cream Puff with Oolong Milk Tea Slush

This was my favourite puff and milk tea set because the white peach ice cream puff had a refreshing and fruity acidity that paired well with the oolong milk tea slush which had a strong tea flavour. Also, Kukki Jar’s choux pastry has a flaky and crispy texture that doesn’t go soggy fast. This is their signature feature that stands out amongst other choux pastry offerings in Vancouver.

Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream Puff with London Fog Slush

The salted egg yolk ice cream had the right amount of savouriness that goes well with the vanilla ice cream. The London Fog slush was on the sweeter side but still a nice creamy and smooth flavour with an identifiable bergamot taste.

Kukki Jar’s Blueberry Lemon Earl Grey

It’s a lemon earl grey mousse with blueberry filling on top of a Rice Krispie base. It’s a very light mousse texture that won’t weigh you down. I like how it wasn’t too sweet.

Kukki Jar’s Mango Coconut Pandan

Shaped like the moon with the classic cloud swirl meringue, this mousse cake had a strong coconut flavour and vibrant pandan cake on top of a Rice Krispie base. The mango gelee centre was fruity and is the obvious choice for a coconut pandan dessert.

HK Paradise

Hong Kong Lemon Tea Slush by Thirstea

This brought back childhood memories because it tasted like Vitasoy’s lemon Tea. It was refreshing and brilliant to have it in a slush format. It is on the sweeter side but truly a Hong Konger’s unforgettable summer treat!

Overall thoughts

If traditional mooncakes aren’t your thing, stop by Tea Cubed’s pop-up shop at Station Square during the 4 weekends leading up to Mid Autumn Moon Festival. Marvel over the details of each dessert and stay cool with Thirstea’s slushies.


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