South Korea’s NeNe Chicken brings Popular Korean Fried Chicken to Vancouver

NeNe Chicken, one of South Korea’s most popular fried chicken chains has now opened in Vancouver. Known for their famous Original and Swicy Chicken, NeNe Chicken’s secret batter-dip method keeps their meat extra juicy and the coating super crispy!

Everything you need to know about NeNe Chicken

1. Brand History

NeNe Chicken was founded in South Korea in 1999. “Ne” in their name means “Yes” in Korean so “Yes Yes Chicken”! Yes also reflects their strong desire to serve the best fried chicken in the town and to bring happiness to others. With over 1000 stores in South Korea and its growing presence abroad, you don’t want to miss out on Nene Chicken!

2. Fried Chicken Difference

NeNe chicken stands out from its competitors with its crispy batter that absorbs oil, keeping the chicken meat juicy and moist on the inside, yet light and crispy on the outside.

You can see that the fried chicken batter has many batter “ruffles” that allows the sauce to adhere to the chicken surface and avoids it from slipping off.

3. Takeout Experience

Their take out boxes come with finger gloves and wet wipes. YES – gloves for your thumb and index finger. The brand has really put a lot of thought into the customer experience as everything fits into a pizza-like box even with the drink easily accessible through a cut out hole.

These are the reasons why Nene Chicken is a must try!


NeNe Chicken offers bone-in, boneless, wings and drum stick fried chicken, Chicken burgers, fries, onion rings and more!

Bone-in Soy Garlic Fried Chicken

Bone-in is a great option if you want all the parts of the chicken and to check for juiciness (it includes boneless pieces too). The soy garlic sauce covered every inch of the chicken with a sweet and garlicky flavour. If you love soy garlic, you may enjoy this very much!

Bone-in Swicy Fried Chicken

The Swicy Fried Chicken is NeNe Chicken’s version of the sweet and spicy Yangnyeom sauce. Their sauce stuck on to the chicken which tells me the sauce may use quite a bit of corn syrup or some thickening agent to get it to stay so well. Regardless, the taste was delicious and I loved it!

Shack-shack Fries

A play on Hong Kong McDonald’s Shake Shake fries, NeNe chicken uses a powdered cheese blend that was more on the sweet side. I prefer a more savoury fries seasoning so I wasn’t a huge fan of this.

Overall Thoughts

NeNe Chicken’s crispy fried chicken batter and sauces are definitely worth trying because the dark and light meat are both juicy and tender. Currently, the restaurants operate as takeout only due to COVID-19 but the chicken, even with sauce, does stay relatively crispy after a 30 minute drive.

NeNe Chicken opens today, Wednesday April 21 at 11 AM! Line up early and fast.

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