Shin Ka Gyuu AYCE Sukiyaki Experience Stands Out in Vancouver

Shin Ka Gyuu serves an elevated AYCE sukiyaki experience in Vancouver. Choose between a $58 or $78 set with quality meats, sashimi, sushi and side dish, dessert offerings.

What is Sukiyaki?

Sukiyaki is the art of cooking meats, vegetables and starches into a boiling pot of distinctive sweet and salty soy sauce broth.

Similar to Cantonese hot pot or Japanese shabu shabu, the broth gives different taste experiences to the same meats and vegetables.

Tender Waygu, Prime Chunk Meats

The difference between $58 and $78 is the grade of beef. The latter set offers Wagyu beef short plate, prime boneless chuck flap (AAA+) and seasonal cuts (ex. pork)

The meat was tender and soaked up the rich soy sauce broth. The cut is thicker and well marbled compared to hot pot meats from the grocery store.

Fresh vegetables best for Sukiyaki

Due to Covid-19, they will serve you a box of fresh vegetables instead doing self-serve. These vegetables are great for soaking up the broth and are frequently served with Sukiyaki.

Fresh sashimi and sushi offerings

There offer 3 sashimi types: Atlantic salmon, Albacore Tuna and Amaebi Sweet Prawns.

Temari Sushi

There are two options for temari sushi: Avocado and Salmon.
The rice was mixed with popping tobiko and topped with thinly sliced avocado and salmon. I enjoyed the subtle contrasting textures from the creamy avocado, silky salmon, salty tobiko and seasoned rice

Salmon and Ebi Aburi Oshi

The oshi sushi had a good balance of creamy mayo to rice and fish. The rice stayed structurally sound.

Ka Gyuu Roll

The Ka Gyuu Roll had crispy garlic chips, beef centre, mayo drizzle and sliced avocado. It was delicious roll and looked beautiful. No faults here.

Japanese styled Desserts

With a free flowing of dessert and 6 options, the best were the caramel pudding and tofu cheesecake. The caramel pudding had a perfect brulee and the tofu cheesecake was smooth, light and creamy.


Overall Thoughts

The price is steep but there is no denying that the quality of the sukiyaki broth really stole the show. The meats are expected to be marbled and tender throughout. Just the sashimi alone, you can definitely eat $30-40 worth. They are strict with the health code by doing temperature checks, offering hand sanitizer and seating groups apart. They also offer a very value worthy lunch set for $19.99.

If you want to celebrate a special occasion, this food and interior will do the job.

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