The Belgian Chocolate Café | A must visit in 2020

The Belgian Chocolate Café brings the beauty of Belgium to Vancouver: chocolate on tap, handcrafted coffees, delicate brussel waffles, beautiful pastries and exceptional service

Signature Waffles

The Waffle de Luxe definitely lived up to its name! I learned the Cafe has a pastry chef dedicated to making waffles to order and I am absolutely impressed. The Brussel waffle was light, crispy and airy. Although the grid pockets were not as deep as a liege waffle, there was more than enough dark chocolate to cover the entire waffle and fruits! I truly appreciate how the waffle itself was lightly sweetened. This allowed for the chocolate and fruits to shine.

– Blossom

Ruby-Blossom Cappuccino

The waffle also comes with a perfectly round scoop of ice cream with visible specks of vanilla bean seeds! If this dish isn’t deluxe, I don’t know how else they can make it better. the fresh fruit helped give the dish some acid to cut through the sweetness.

Amazing Service

Large Cakes by The Belgian Chocolate Cafe

I was extremely impressed by the quality of service! The staff were not only friendly but they made sure you were comfortable.

For example, a little boy next to me spilled hot chocolate all over himself. The staff did not hesitate to make him a new drink and they immediately cleaned up the spillage

Another example, they always delivered the customer’s order before they sat down or they never asked you to get your own order.

Also, I love how the staff are quite equal. Everyone, including the barista would clean up dishes, get to know customers and ensure the cafe was clean and organized.

This is the European standard that you don’t see often in Vancouver

Croissants by The Belgian Chocolate Cafe

Final Thoughts

This cafe has surpassed all my expectations. I personally think people judged too quickly and assumed it is for tourist but I met so many locals who enjoy their leisure time at this cafe and their waffles made me a waffle lover! I can’t wait to go back and try different items with my friends and family