Nero Belgium Waffle | Matcha, Pistachio, Chocolate Liège waffles

I fell in love with Nero Belgium Waffles thanks to my lovely boyfriend who chose the flavours I loved and delivered them to me on a snowy day.

What is the Difference between a Waffle and Belgium Liège  Waffle?

Liège  waffles are round, thicker and smaller than your large, rectangular shaped Belgium brussel waffle or American waffles. Liège  waffles contain special pearl sugar which caramelize when it hits the hot waffle iron and gives off a brioche like taste.

Flavour Review | Liège Waffles

White Chocolate Pistachio

I was skeptical whether this waffle flavour would be too sweet. Luckily it wasn’t! I enjoyed the generous sprinkle of pistachios and those deep grid holes definitely held a lot.


This classic flavour went very well with the sweet liege waffle! The use of dark chocolate was smart as the cocoa flavour helped balanced out the sweetness of the waffle.


I had a lot of hope on this flavour as the matcha colour was very vibrant but unfortunately, I couldn’t really taste matcha. Nevertheless, still a good waffle!

Final Thoughts

Definitely worth getting as a treat and snack! Did you know Liege waffles are meant to be eaten as a snack and not for breakfast? I can’t wait to try other creations from Nero Belgium Waffle!

Locations: 1703 Robson St, Vancouver | 1002 Seymour St, Vancouver

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