Milksha | Ice Cream Series

Milksha has launched an Ice Cream Series where their best selling milk tea and brewed teas are paired with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice Cream Oolong Tea and Brown Sugar Fresh Milk

Ice Cream Oolong Tea |The Best

I had no idea that Milksha had an amazing and strongly brewed Oolong Tea! As a huge fan of Chinese Tea, this Oolong went perfectly with the ice cream. The Ice Cream acted as a creamier to the tea which was why I didn’t order the Ice Cream Oolong Tea Latte.

I also liked how I can differentiate the ice cream from the drink because it would often sink to the bottom but I could still enjoy the ice cream after my drink is finished.

Brown Sugar Fresh Milk | so- so

The Ice Cream Brown Sugar Fresh Milk (right) sounded spectacular but in my opinion, it didn’t work as well due to the brown sugar overpowering the sweet vanilla taste of the ice cream. However, I was very surprised at how good the brown sugar was because it hit me with very caramelized notes and taste.

This was a decent drink but I would definitely prefer the normal brown sugar drink.

For more information, check out Milksha on Instagram!

Location: 1258 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C2

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