Japanese Mochi & Sweets | J Sweets

J.Sweets has opened a store in Aberdeen Centre a few months back and everyone has been raving about their Japanese sweets and mochi selection!

Delicate, Green Tea Mochi

The Japanese are known for exquisite and individually packaged goods and this box of mochi is made by Minamoto Kitchoan. The little parcels of mochi are wrapped as if the paper was a Furoshiki.

The mochi skin was delicate and soft but strong enough to hold the sweet red bean paste. The bitter matcha powder and sweet red bean paste are the perfect combination ! Even though the mochi are packaged and assumed to be preserved, the mochi texture was close to fresh. However, I definitely taste the preserved flavour.

Red Bean Dorayaki

The Dorayaki package was absolutely beautiful! As if spring was upon me, the pastel colours complimented the traditional print on the dorayaki’s wrap.

The dorayaki, itself, was delicate to the touch, soft and pillowy with sweet red bean. It was definitely better than ones from the grocery store and I appreciated the paper base that separates the dorayaki from its wrapping.

Overall Thoughts

J.Sweets entry into Vancouver was perfectly timed for Christmas and the New Years! I know a lot of time, patience and dedication went into convincing J.Sweets to open a store and I truly believe the Lower Mainland is blessed.

I would definitely purchase mochi and Japanese sweet boxes for friends and family. They also have Royce Chocolate, Yoku Moku and other take home sweet offerings.

Location: Second Floor, Aberdeen Centre, 4151 Hazelbridge Way

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