Sweet Honey Dessert | HK Desserts, Souffle Pancakes, Chocolate Dogs

Sweet Honey Desserts has brought Hong Kong style dessert to Richmond and is known for their fluffy souffle pancakes and dog shaped desserts! This Christmas, they created a Christmas Souffle Pancake adorned with fondant decorations and solid chocolate Santa Paws (Chocolate Dogs)

Christmas Souffle Pancakes

HK Style Dessert Soup

My all-time favourite cantonese dessert is Black Sesame Dessert Soup with Tong Yuen, a glutinous rice ball filled with black sesame paste. It is difficult to find good black sesame dessert soup outside of Hong Kong because restaurants often add a lot of flour or use premade/packaged ones. However, I think Sweet Honey Desserts did a relatively good job! The soup was a tad thick for my liking but I could taste the fragrant black sesame and the almond soup was not too sweet. The tong yuen was chewy and filled with luscious black sesame.

The Mango Sago with Pomelo and Green Tea Ice Cream was not overly sweet and had various textures from the tiny chewy sago, mango chunks and pomelo. However, I think the mango was not in season so it didn’t give off a zingy and vibrant sweet mango flavour.

Chocolate Dogs

Sweet Honey Dessert made a splash on social media by offering a very realistic chocolate dog mousse and this Christmas, they created solid white and milk chocolate dogs with fondant santa hats. They were very cute and perfect gifts for friends and family of dog lovers. I ended up using these chocolate dogs for my baked goods but they stay fresh for over a week and no signs of chocolate blooming occurred!

Christmas Souffle Pancake

With many cafes offering souffle pancakes in Vancouver, Sweet Honey Desserts offers one of the best! I tried Flipper’s overseas and this one comes close to them. Although I didn’t really enjoy the white chocolate sauce, the pancake itself was airy, jiggly and had a good egg taste. It is difficult to achieve a jiggle without losing the egg flavour because to achieve a jiggly consistency, you need more egg whites than egg yolks

Final Thoughts

I will definitely bring my friends and family here for their desserts and souffle pancake! However, I will stick with their original flavours for souffle pancakes and try their recommended highly raved purple rice desserts.

I didn’t post about their mango pancake because the mangos were not in season and was presented as a huge chunk with whip cream and wrapped in a thin cantonese pancake. It was below par compared to other dishes especially when I had the mango pancake in Hong Kong numerous times.

Location: 160 4200 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2C2

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