Earthling Foods offers a gluten-free afternoon tea set!

Earthling Café and Foods launched a gluten-free afternoon tea set and it’s available Thursday to Saturday from 12 PM to 3 PM. Enjoy Earthling’s famous sweet and savoury dacquoise, Beiju Foods‘s cassava waffles and sip on tea and coffee from Nunshen and Paragon Tea Room!

I brought my fellow foodie, Melody from @blackholetummy, to experience this tea set and we absolutely enjoyed it. Here’s everything you need to know about Earthling’s afternoon tea set.

Savoury bites

Earthling uses Beiju’s cheesy cassava waffles instead of offering sandwiches and I thought it was brilliant. You get a chewy and cheesy mochi-like waffle topped with smoked salmon, chives, and cream cheese. They also have a brie, honey, and roasted pecan waffle which has a lovely sweet and savoury balance of flavours.

The mid-tier has a truffle chives dacquoise with a light creme fraiche filling. The truffle flavour was slightly missing but Earthling is still playing with the ingredient’s flavour ratio so, it’s definitely an easy fix for them!

Sweet bites

Seasonal mini dacquoise

The afternoon tea set comes with a dacquoise of your choice from the pastry cabinet and 4 seasonal mini dacquoise. For spring 2022, their mini dacquoise flavours are Yuzu & Roasted Pistachio Cream, Passionfruit Compote, Organic Matcha, and Mango Cheesecake. The mango cheesecake flavour reminded me of mango pudding while the yuzu & roasted pistachio cream had yuzu rinds and crunchy pistachio bites.

Strawberry Jam and Matcha Dacquoise

We chose the strawberry jam and matcha dacquoise from the cabinet and it was delicious! Chae, the owner of Earthling, told us the filling is made with fresh strawberry jam and we definitely tasted the stronger strawberry flavour. Matcha filling was punchy with a lovely light green colour. Both had a denser buttercream/filling mixture compared to the smaller dacquoise but it could be related to the filling’s components and not temperature.


Gluten-free scones with house-made blueberry jam

Gluten-free scones can be quite difficult to make because, unlike flour-based scones, it lacks the inherent elasticity and binding ability. However, Earthling found a way to combine different gluten-free flours to create a scone with a meringue-like crispy exterior and a bouncy interior. They make housemade blueberry jam to pair with the scones.

Gluten-free pecan cake

Overall thoughts

For those searching for a gluten-free afternoon tea made in a gluten-free facility, Earthling Cafe and Foods is the place to go! We absolutely adored the ambience (hint* it’s like being in a cafe in Seoul) and the quality of the tea set. It’s evident that a lot of effort has gone into sourcing quality tea because we kept refilling our teapot with hot water and the colour of Nunshen’s tea remained even after steeping for more than 3 times. We recommend ordering Vergers Des Ming, a non-caffeinated tea with strong tart cherry colour and flavour because it helps mellow out the sweetness from the dacquoise and compliments the savoury bites.

The afternoon set is currently priced at $30 per person and it’s subject to change.

For more information about their afternoon tea, check out their website.

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