Atealier by Chatime opens first bubble tea pop-up in Downtown Vancouver

Atealier by Chatime is their upscale and innovative tea shop that combines aesthetics with immerse experiences. Being the first pop-up in Downtown Vancouver, Atealier differs from other Chatime stores for its higher end ingredients like hand-whisked Kyoto matcha, butterfly pea flowers, and organic espresso.

Here is Atealier’s signature must try items

Trio Cup

Available exclusively to Vancouver, the trio cup holds three of Atealier’s most popular drinks: Honey Golden Onyx, London Fog Tea Latte and Brown Sugar Creme Brûlée with Milk Tea.

Honey Golden Onyx

It is a black tea milk tea with honey golden pearls and a subtle hint of vanilla. As the pearls and milk tea are sweetened, I recommend getting less sugar if possible!

London Fog Tea Latte

I felt the earl grey tea wasn’t super strong nor was the hint bergamot or citrus notes. Maybe it was just my drink but the idea is great!

Brown Sugar Creme Brûlée with Milk Tea

The Brown Sugar Creme Brûlée stays true to its nature of being sweet and creamy. The top of the drink is caramelized which offers another element of sweetness.

Its richness was a bit too much for me especially if you take a sip without stirring. If you can adjust the sweetness, please do it!

Dirty Matcha Latte with Matcha Pudding

I appreciate the use of authentic matcha powder in this drink. I love mixing espresso with the matcha and it definitely gave me double the jot of caffeine. I recommend stirring your drink to incorporate the two different ingredients because the first sip was straight espresso.

I was told to get matcha pudding and didn’t regret at all. You can taste the matcha and it added a nice sweetness to the overall drink.

Grand Opening Details

Atealier has two grand opening promotions: $7 Trio Cups from July 3-17th while quantities last and from July 3 -7, first 50 customers get Atealier branded stainless steel straws!

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