Pho Thai Hang 2: Best Traditional Vietnamese Food in Vancouver

Pho Thai Hang 2 serves a variety of Vietnamese dishes you normally don’t see at Vietnamese restaurants catered to Westerners. Located on the corner of Kingsway and Victoria Drive, they have delicious rice cakes, soups and salads to go with your pho! (Due to Covid-19, please call for take out and support local restaurants)

Exact address: 1962 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 4N8

(604) 428-1962

Vietnamese Rice cakes

These Vietnamese Rice Cakes were the perfect starter to this meal. It reminded me of Cantonese steamed rice rolls because they used the same ingredients but prepared differently. I highly recommend you ordering this!

Shrimp and Chicken Salad

This salad was tangy, sweet, crunchy and refreshing. The acidity in the pickled vegetables and salad made it addicting. The large portion made it great for sharing as a appetizer and main dish. The shrimp were cooked perfectly while the shredded chicken was tender and silky. The lotus root was my favourite because it carried the vinegary fish sauce taste and a lovely crunch.

This is not on the menu but a picture on the wall.

2 Person Combo: Canh Chua Ca Hu + Thit kho To

This is a very affordable and delicious set consisting of Canh Chua Ca Hu (Hot and Sour Fish Soup) and Thit kho To (Caramelized Pork in Hot Pot) for only $28! It comes with a massive bowl of rice to soak up the fish soup and savory pork.

Canh Chua Ca Hu

This light bodied soup is not spicy but refreshing due to the acidic kick. The fish was so tender that I melted in my mouth.

Thit kho To

The pork was smothered in an addicting sweet and savory sauce. It had to go with rice because the sauce is heavy on its own.

We shared this set between 4 people and had leftovers.

Final thoughts

My Vietnamese friends all love this home style Vietnamese food. This restaurant is very spacious with two dining rooms. I was fortunate to eat at Pho Thai Hang 2 before the pandemic reached unsafe heights. I am not sure if this restaurant is open and serving take out but I highly recommend supporting local and family owned businesses that aren’t on delivery apps. I can’t wait to eat here with my friends and family once we beat COVID-19

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