Hawaiian Plate Lunches by The Poke Guy 2020

The Poke Guy recently launched Plate Lunches to give people the taste of Hawaii! With travel out of the question, their Huli Huli Chicken, Kulua Pork, Loco Moco, Island huli Ribs will have you saying Aloha instead!

Huli Huli Chicken

My Thoughts

The chicken was very tender with a delicious, brown sugar, ginger and soy glaze! The smokey flavour of the chicken went well with the sweet pineapple and corn salad. The mac salad was light and the mayo did not over power the other sides. I highly recommend it!

Spam Musubi

My Thoughts

This is my first time have a spam musubi and the salt level was balanced very well. I was worried it would be salty but the white rice helped neutralize it. This is a great meal or snack on its own!

Final Thoughts

During these challenging times, I applaud The Poke Guy for creating a new menu to send us all to Hawaii through our taste buds. They have other dishes like Loco Moco, Kulua Pork, and, Island Huli Ribs as plate lunches. I absolutely will order their new dishes because there is hardly any good Hawaiian food in Vancouver.

Order through ubereats or pick up curbside for 10% off!

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